Open Studios

  1. The Fox Studios, Janice Lazzarich Artist & friends 
  2. Deb Podmore Ceramics
  3. BloomingArt
  4. I Made That Bag
  5. Total Eclipse of the Art
  6. Paul Mercer Jewellery @Chapel Road Makery

Come and chat to the local artists and makers at our Open Studios event. It's a chance to get a behind the scenes peak at what goes on. 

At The Fox Studios, you'll get to meet over 10 artists/makers and find out all about their creative practice. You can buy artworks, book on to workshops, or grab a cake at the Quench and Pickle Cafe. 

  1. @Janicelazzarich - Artist
  2. @Sparklebyfaith - Jeweller & tutor at The Fox Studios
  3. @Chris_urwin_jewellery_and_art - Jeweller & Artist
  4. @Odile_and_the_bijoux_box - Jeweller
  5. @Sue_ellisdesigns - Textile & Needle felting artist
  6. @Lucianne.canavan - Textiles Artist
  7. @Caitbinksart - Textiles Artist
  8. @Fishinkblog - Ceramics Artist

And a couple more to be confirmed.