The Fox Studios is re-opening nearly 2 years to the day of opening 🎉

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So, the new normal begins...

The Fox Studios originally opened its doors 7th July 2018, downstairs in the smaller studio.  I had an opening day, lots of people came, it was a bit of a party really and I loved it.  This opening is going to be a little bit more low key, but it certainly is good to be opening back up again, especially with the bigger workshop!  And it's almost 2 years to the that serendipity or just plain coincidence?

Anyway, I hope this email finds you all well.  I just wanted to send out a short email to say thank you to everyone who's supported me while I've been closed and thank you to everyone for your patience.  Rearranging 40+ weekly students along with 30 one day workshops was a bit like the Krypton Factor...who remembers the Krypton Factor?  You might have to google it if you're too young, but it was like that!

A big thank you also, to those who have already booked onto one of the One Day Workshops.  A few more places have booked up since I did the image above, spaces really are filling up fast.  I've limited class sizes to a maximum of 4, which I believe will stay in place until Christmas.  If that eases, then I will be able to release a few more places on the courses.  If you want to see what courses are available click here.

Oh and the Weekly Classes, they are also limited to a max of 4 students.  We were 2 weeks into a 7 week block when the Lockdown happened, so we're now playing catch up.  The next set of classes are due to start in September, but I do check with current students whether they want to return and offer the places to them first.  If you're interested in signing up though, I do have a waiting list, please do let me know if you'd like to be added.

If you have any concerns about attending a workshop or class at The Fox Studios, then I've put some information together which you can read here.  I'm doing everything I can to make the workshop a safe place for you to come and learn how to make your own sparkly jewellery.  There's hand sanitiser, wipes, disinfectant, lots and lots of soap, safe distancing including empty workbenches so that you can sit safely apart, as well as barriers, oh and lots of fresh air as I'll have all the windows open, oh and some fab floor stickers.  Please ask if you have any questions though.

I've not been making as much as I would have liked, but I've still been creating, sewing, painting, DIY'ing, oh and probably the most important one, catching up with my parents after 3 months isolation.  But I've written up a few of my handouts for classes!!  It's taken me a while.

Oh and I'm involved in another online market this weekend, if you're on Instagram have a nosey, it's organised by Fabulous Places. 
So, this is my short and sweet email... not sure it's as short as I meant it to be, but I will try and keep it up to date again.  Life back in the workshop, new courses added (if I can squeeze them in) and of course, lots of lovely student jewellery.

Hope to see you all soon.
Much love 
Heather x

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