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The Fox Studios

Just a quick one from me this week

If you've been wanting to get on one the weekly classes for a while, then now's your chance! There are 2 spaces available on Tues evening and 1 space on Thurs evening.  If you want more info, or to book, you can head on over to the website.  If you've still got a question or two that aren't answered on the website then feel free to drop me an email!

Random Ramblings

The Old School

Last Sunday, I decided I didn't have enough to do and I attended a fair/open studios event at The Old School, which is in Fairfield Street, Warrington. I've met a few of the lovely makers and artists in there before, but never actually visited (shame on me).  It turned out to be a brilliant event, I caught up with loads of lovely people and had a good nosey round the place.  Keep an eye out for any future events, I think they'll be good!

Two years ago...

This was the workshop, before we moved in... look big and airy it is! I think I've filled it quite well...ok, I need a bigger workshop, again 😂.  I'm working on it though!

Heather Fox Jewellery
I'm hoping to have a 2 week break from next week... I've got a few workshop things to do, but I'm hoping to spend some time slowing down and maybe sorting the flat out.  I will be making some jewellery though, as I will exhibiting my work in Technically Brilliant, in Golden Square, Warrington, so I need to make some smaller pieces to go with what I've already got. Oh, and finishing this name badge off, that I started on Sunday, at The Old School...I was demoing all things jewellery, well, cutting out really.

If you need anything from me let me know this week, otherwise there will be radio silence from me and I'll get back to you later on in October!

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