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Well, I've got another jam packed 🦊 News for you, lots to share, exciting plans ahead!

But first thing's first, if you've been waiting for the release of the 2022 workshops, then they will go live on the website today (Wed 15th).  Now, I'm going to put a disclaimer on this, because technology is involved, and I've made some changes to my website, and I'm about to update it again... so fingers crossed, things will go to plan and at some point today, classes will be live!  Now there's an announcement 😂.

I have got loads planned.  There are some of the classic favourites and a few newbies being added too.  AND I have some guest tutors, although I am hoping to add more very soon.  

I've got someone new to introduce to you in January, I'm just waiting for confirmation before announcing, but it's a very exciting workshop from another local Warrington jeweller who will be sharing her skills.

Then I will be welcoming back Judith Brown in March to run her very successful wire work jewellery.  I had so much interest after Judith ran her last workshop, that I don't think there will be spaces for long.  Everyone had such a lovely day and all created some beautiful pieces.

The Colourful Aluminium workshop has now changed to a 2 day workshop. There is so much to tell you that it's just not possible in a 1 day workshop anymore.  I've not fully written up the details on the website, but day 1 will be all about colour, pens, inks, dyes, resists, then day 2 is texture, cutting, forming, rivets, oh and the all important finishing of your work.  I'm really excited for this one!

I've also got the lovely Gail Louise joining me in teaching the weekly classes. You can find out a bit more about her on her website.  She came in to meet the Tuesday night mob and brought in some of her lovely jewellery... she got the thumbs up!  You may even get to meet her on some of the one day workshops too, but we've got a few things to work out first.

Which leads me on to say thank you to everyone who filled out my survey in the last newsletter.  It really helped me to plan the workshops in for next year. However, I've already run out of weekends!  I think I've got 22 weekends and 27 workshops, without repeating any!?!  Hence why I'll be roping in Gail, as well as a few other guest tutors.  If there is anyone else you'd like to see at The Fox Studios, then please do let me know!  Oh and I should announce the winner of the prize giveaway in the last 🦊 News, which was Lesley Sutton 🎉, who wins a £50 gift voucher!

This was only supposed to be a short newsletter, but I think you've already realised that I can't keep it short and sweet!  But I did just want to ask you about Bench Hire.  I used to have a Bench Hire facility  on a Wednesday morning for those people who have already got basic jewellery skills and need a place to work on a regular basis.  Would this be something of interest to you?  I potentially have access to another room (right next door) that I may be able to convert in to a Bench Hire Space on a more regular basis.  If you'd like to drop me a message about your thoughts, I'd really appreciate it.  Although, I may do another quick survey about it.  We'll wing it and see 😁.

Random Ramblings

The Jewellery Cabin, Isle of Wight

You may have noticed that I was away over the August Bank Holiday weekend.  We arrived to our accomodation quite late on the Friday night, but this was the view we woke up to on Saturday morning! Absolutely loved every minute of it...and had workshop envy too. I (nearly) wanted to come home and tidy up my workshop...but I haven't don't worry 😂.
Oh and see a couple more photos below from the weekend.  That blooming big cricket wanted to join in the Colourful Aluminium Workshop, but luckily Rachel helped him back out the door.  No, I didn't panic...much!

Cemaes Bay, Anglesey

I'm started to get a couple of days off here and there, and we managed to pop over to Anglesey for the day. We started in Beaumaris, but it was a little too busy for my liking, so we headed over to Cemaes Bay.  The weather wasn't the best, to start with, but we sampled the ice cream.  Now, I'm really sorry to say this, but I'm really not fussed by ice cream.  One of my lovely ladies stared at me in horror when I said this and proceeded to ask how you can trust someone who doesn't like ice cream! Well, when we went to IOW, I did try a couple of times to make sure, but I'm afraid I can conclude, I'm really not that fussed.  I love Mini Rolls though, hope that eases the trust issues??

Heather Fox Jewellery
I've not had chance to make any jewellery recently, so I thought I'd share a little more random ramblings.  

I'm hoping to add a plastics one day workshop sometime in 2022. I made the red acrylic ring when I was on my evening course at St Helens College, when I first started to learn jewellery making from Linda Jeanne Jones I bought a few sheets of plastic ready to get making more, but nearly 20 years later and I've still not made them!

It's funny how some techniques go, you don't make any for ages, then suddenly everyone wants to learn... collet setting is the current one.  I've been sharing some of the pieces on Instagram. I'll have to find time to upload some students work to the website, but you can scroll through Instagram without an account here, if you'd like to see more.

And, as I've got the lovely Gail joining me, I'm hoping I'll have a bit more time to get making, so watch this space!
I'm sure there was something else I needed to share, but it escapes me for now (phew I can hear to say).  As soon as I remember what it was I'll let you know.

Take care and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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