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Well, if you weren't already aware, I launched the Colourful Aluminium Jewellery Kits!

This year has been *insert appropriate wording here* and it's meant that everything has changed.  Everything!  For me, in the first lockdown I panicked, didn't know what to do and panicked some more.  We came out of lockdown and I went back to teaching again, but I'm afraid my stress levels rose throughout the months, trying to cope with all the different restrictions and what impact they had on the business.  Closing at the end of Oct was the right thing to do for me and Lockdown 2.0 hit a week later.

However, whilst panicking the first time round, I had loads of ideas.  Some of which are still being formulated (watch this space), but I did manage to get the Colourful Aluminium Kit ready and launched them at the beginning of November.  

There's a range of kits to choose from, an all you need kit, tools, aluminium, colouring; then there's just the aluminium, which is the colouring stuff and aluminium, perfect if you've already got the tools.  And finally there's a cute make your own Aluminium Christmas Decoration kit too (with snow!).  I've been really nervous about sending them out, will they work, will people like them, will people use them... but this week I've started to see a few photos emerging on Instagram and I'm really chuffed with them.  I'm sure there's going to be a thing or two I've missed, and I'll formulate a FAQs soon, when I realise what it is I've missed!?!  But, there are lots of videos to show you what to do, as well as a how to booklet.  Have a quick look at this short film to see what it's all about.

So, if you're planning on buying one as a Christmas present can I ask you to put your orders in soon.  I'm just waiting on a new stock of aluminium, which takes about 2 weeks to arrive, but there's probably only another 3 weeks left to allow enough time for me to put them together.


Workshop news...

In case you're missing the workshop, here's what it looked like a few weeks ago.  Whilst I'm the only person in there, I put everything back to it's original format and I felt so much better for it.  Although, since I took this photo, I've spread out...I'm using at least 3 of the 5 benches, the 4 tables are covered in aluminium stock, and I have my photography set up down by the slow cooker.  I may share a photo next time!?!

However, today I have started to plan some of the workshops for 2021.  I had written them in pencil some months ago, but hadn't got any further with them, but today seemed like the right time to get on and do (although I then read the news and wondered if it was such a good idea, hey ho).  So, if you're interested in the weekly classes, there is a waiting list I'm afraid, as I've contacted all current students first, but if you'd like to be added to the list just let me know.

But, I have added some new One Day Workshops.  Some of them are showing as sold out already, as I've contacted people who were previously booked onto dates Oct/Nov/Dec to allow them first refusal.  I may be able to release some dates some time next week though.  Again, if you'd like to be added to the waiting list for any of the classes, then just let me know!



I've been selling the tools for a while now, but not really in toolkits as such, just as and when someone wanted something.  However, I've been putting some kits together for people in the last week or two, and it spurred me on to get them listed on the website. There's a range of different kits, please do have a look.  Not everything is in stock yet, although, after I've written this newsletter I'm going on a bit of a spending spree!  Oh and if there's something you're after but you can't see on the site, then just let me know.

View the kits here »

Jewellers Benches

Not sure if you saw them earlier in the year, but they got snatched up quickly.  Well, Dad has been making some more.  It's only when we can find a top suitable for them, so it's not a regular thing, but if you're interested in them let me know and I can add you to the waiting list. There's not actually a waiting list yet...but there might be soon?

Email me»


Gift Vouchers

It's that time of year again.  Looking for the perfect gift, but not sure what to get?  Gift vouchers can be used for classes, or kits, or even jewellery from Heather Fox Jewellery.  That's three options in one, how can you go wrong?

Purchase the vouchers here »

Christmas Decorations

Normally we would have a Christmas Decorations workshop now, but it wasn't to be this year. However, I have been working away in the background making decorations to sell.  On the whole, they're stress free to make, so whilst the world has gone mad out there I've been in my workshop foxing away at making these.

Choose your decoration here »

In other news...
Just a random selection of images from over the last month or so, a picture from the bench with a view of the church (just in case you were missing the view), the Christmas decorations I've been working on... a bit more aluminium.

Then I'm exhibiting online with the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair this weekend.  It's really strange not to be out doing live in person events, it may be a while before we're back to them again.  But I'm very pleased to be exhibiting with them again.

Another view from the workshop of a fabulous sunset, across Fiddlers Ferry. The vibrant rainbow is from October, when I went up to the Cowshed Creative, just outside Staveley, near Windemere, to run an Aluminium workshop up there.  I stayed in one of their Farmpods, the view was amazing... the walk to work was even better!  I've booked in to teach a few different workshops in 2021, I really can't wait!

Oh and can I ask a small favour, I'm really struggling to keep on top of all the messages and emails. I get text, WhatsApp, phone calls, emails, emails to my other business, Facebook messages, Instagram messages, the list really does go on.  I love hearing from you all, but I'm just getting totally overwhelmed with all the different ways everyone gets in touch.  Would it be possible to ask you to message me by email as much as possible, [email protected], just so I can keep on top of it all?

And I'm sorry, I really don't do short emails do I, but it has been a while (August!?!), so there is lots to tell you this time.

I'll be in touch again soon, so hopefully not as much to tell you.
Hope you're all staying safe and well.
Much love
Heather x


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